WORKetc is Launched with a Complete Redesign!

WORKetc has had a complete make over and is now keen to tell the world. In a promotional email out to customers from CEO, Daniel Barnett, the company states that ‘not a single pixel’ has survived the new design change! Formerly known as WORKetc, the branding on the name has [...]

Interview with Basecamp’s David Heinemeier Hansson

Zincubate’s editorial staff recently had the opportunity to talk about some of the updates from some of the leading project management software providers, including Basecamp Co-Founder David Heinemeier Hansson. One of the more recent rollouts sat Basecamp was originally touted as “Basecamp Next.” This major upgrade to user interface was [...]

Egnyte: The Basics and Benefits

It’s simple. Small and large businesses alike possess and utilize information and data. For some, this information is stored in a room with endless file cabinets. Thanks to awesome advancements in technology, others are taking full advantage of storing their information and working electronically. This not only helps in the [...]

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Project Management

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    Project Management Comparison: Basecamp VS. ProofHub

    This is a guest post by Sharon Thomson, a project manager for ProofHub. Here, she provides a comparison between long-time project management giant, Basecamp, and newcomer to the project management industry, ProofHub. Basecamp has long been the leader in the online project management software field and has users spanned throughout [...]

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    ProofHub Launches its Browser-Based Mobile App

    This is a guest post by Sharon Thomson, a project manager for ProofHub. Here, she provides an overview of ProofHub’s new mobile app that will help project managers run a project from the palm of their hands. ProofHub has just announced the launch of its new mobile web app, allowing [...]

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    Review: ProofHub – The Better Way to Manage Projects

    This is a guest post by Sharon Thomson, a project manager for ProofHub. Here, she provides her view on what it takes to run a project efficiently and why ProofHub is the solution. ProofHub, a new player in the project management industry, is an online collaboration tool that has helped [...]

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    Central Desktop – Managing Your Project Risks

    Central Desktop is a comprehensive project management tool, available over the internet, on demand, supporting team collaboration and sharing of information – essential components in the delivery of any successful project.  What’s often missing , though, from online project management tools is dedicated risks & issues management functionality that is [...]