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signalKitUsers of the different 37signals products have, to-date, had to view their reminders in different locations, but now the new tool, 37,000ft, from SignalKit, allows all the combined reminders to be shown on a single page. So, reminders from todo and Highrise, along with milestones in Basecamp and tasks in Highrise will appear in one place – a huge benefit for users, who have been waiting some time to see this functionality.

The tool was borne out of a need to simplify access to reminders for users of multiple 37signals applications. Basecamp, the project management and collaboration product, is widely used across the world and its associated products, including Highrise and Backpack, provide additional specialised functions that as a suite, can interact, but as the complexity and numbers of projects represented increases, it becomes more and more difficult to move between the different applications quickly and efficiently and further, users are needing reminders on which applications to go to, in order to update information.  So, the introduction of 37,000ft offers a significant opportunity for users of these applications to consolidate their reminders, milestones and task key dates in one easy-to-access place.  A single location helps users to be sure that they have the full picture and arebasecamp icon not missing anything important that could have a negative impact on their project or, indeed, their wider business.

In building the product, SignalKit decided to focus on including tasks and items that are assigned (so which need reminders), to avoid littering the view with unnecessary items.  Each listed item has a link to the appropriate place in the appropriate 37signals application.  It’s said that the best ideas are the simple ones and this is, indeed, so simple!  About their ongoing strategy for developing 37,000ft further, SignalKit says “We have no interest in trying to duplicate anything that can be done inside the 37signals products. What this means is that adding the ability to comment on items for example is almost certain not to be included. Not because some people might not find that valuable, but because to do that right now, a user clicks on a link and they are taken right to a comment thread. It would be very difficult for us to make that more efficient.”

At the moment, it’s free, so worth signing up for – visit:



Jan Birley

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