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product blog37signals have announced that they are retiring the product blog in an aim to simplify their communications with their customers.  The product blog has been one of the company’s ways of keeping their customers up to speed with developments across their suite of products, including Basecamp, Backpack and Highrise.  The decision to retire the blog has been made on the basis that it’s not felt to be the best format for issuing communications on developments to 37signals customers, with the blog essentially comprising a long list of announcements on product changes that hide some of the more interesting and informative case studies and real-life stories around the use of 37signals products.  With the blog acting as a chronological record of product updates, those stories and case studies that could be useful to a wide range of customers are quickly lost in the stream of new updates, even though they remain pertinent way beyond their publish date.

To date, there have been 3 different locations to find news and information on 37signals and their products.  The company blog, which is known as Signal Vs Noise, has around 50,000 subscribers and delivers daily information on the 37signals team’s views on design, business, experience, simplicity, amongst other things. The product blog where new developments are publicized has fewer subscribers, around 10,000, so the company blog is clearly seen as more informative and this is one of the reasons for closing down the product blog.  News is also delivered through twitterthe 37signals Twitter feed and this is the place that users are directed for product updates, information on new features and other news, once the product blog is no longer available.

About 37signals

37signals is a privately owned web development company that is based in Chicago, Illinois. Co-founded by Jason Fried, Carlos Segura, and Ernest Kim in 1999, the company has build a strong suite of project management and collaboration tools.  The first commercial application for 37signals was Basecamp, which has rapidly become the market leader and was later followed by Backpack, Campfire, and Highrise.

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