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In today’s widely distributed business working environments, where teams can often work not just across time boundaries but 5pm_languages_analso languages, too, 5pm has realized the impact that removing language barriers can have on its online, collaborative project management application.  The most recent addition to its suite of language translations is Japanese and it comes through the significant contribution made by Toshihiro Hongo, who comes from Infinity Solutions Inc,  a Professional Marketing and Consulting Services company.  So, now, in total, 5pm is available in the following twenty one different languages:

English, Swedish, French, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Polish, Italian, Croatian, Dutch, Finnish, Danish, Serbian, Hungarian, Slovak, Turkish, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Bulgarian and, of course, Japanese.

The team at 5pm are always keen to expand their product further and invite users to make a contribution to a translation for their chosen language. Translation contributions can be made by any 5pm users, including those that are registered with a free trial account.  Contribution is very simple.  Users can choose the Settings menu at the top of their 5pm main screen.  From there, the 5pm‘5pm translation’  link will then take you to the public language translation area.  Then, you’re ready to go!

More on 5pm

5pm is a project management software application that is used by its customers over the internet.  Instead of needing locally installed applications on computers and laptops, 5pm is one of a newer breed of applications that are delivered as ‘software as a service’ or SaaS, where you pay for what you use on a monthly basis.

Functionality covers a range of areas including:

  • project and task management, for scheduling and monitoring project activities
  • customizable reporting including downloading to a CSV to allow more comprehensive manipulation in other applications
  • centralized sharing of documents and notes amongst team members, ensuring everyone is in constant touch with project status
  • management of time and effort to allow reporting on billable hours
  • email integration to ensure that team members receive automatic notifications

5pm also boasts an interactive timeline, which is more recent functionality that has been added to the application, allowing users to schedule and move tasks by simply clicking and dragging them within a Gantt chart view.

For more information on the 5pm project management application and to sign up for a free fourteen day trail, please see



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