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Much work is underway at the moment for Apollo, one of the newer of the online project Apollo 1management applications, to update its foundation libraries and along side this, additional enhancements to the product have been brought in to offer further benefits to its users.  These improvements are small steps forward and don’t represent big changes in functionality but reflect an ongoing commitment to improve the overall usability of the application for its clients.

So, what’s been introduced?

The project name can now be configured within the subject field for email messages.  This came about because the team at Apollo realised that when users were using the reply-by-mail functionality, when making the choice of where to store an email message, Gmail would not consider content held with parentheses.  The result of this was seeing that there would be two separate emails, each belonging to different projects but which were named the same, were ending up, quite confusingly, reflected as being in the same conversation.  The solution was simple, add a setting letting the user to put the project name at the end of the subject and instantly, there’s a clear distinction.

Still on the email theme, using the reply-by-mail didn’t include any attachments that were present in the originally received email which meant the relevant subscribers weren’t Apollo 2seeing them.   The new way of working for this feature has seen the introduction of an option to allow the inclusion of the original attachment.  The automated email messages in Apollo make it clear if there are any attachments present and they can be simply opened by clicking on them.

A third improvement sees file and document extensions being shown in the files section of Apollo.  Without this, it is often difficult to know if you are looking at a Word document, a text file or an Excel spreadsheet, for example. 

Apollo has for some time offered the ability to import an entire Basecamp workspace, helping clients who want to make the transition from its market-leading competitor.  A new introduction has seen the ability to import individual projects from Basecamp, which is particularly useful as Basecamp allows its users to export individual projects.  This means clients can move piecemeal rather than having to do so in one big-bang.  Of course, with automation of this kind, there will be some sorting out to do in imported projects, for example, tasks, etc, will automatically be allocated to the workspace owner in Apollo, so will need to be re-allocated to the correct team members.

Other improvements have seen a new and more appealing single task view and automatic allocation of emails to selected contacts.

The new improvements although small add useful features and help usability. For more information on Apollo, please visit:



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