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A new third-party app is available now that lets users download their Basecamp files to their Canister logoApple Mac computer. The app, called Canister, has been developed by a company called Fiveby, and is available on the App Store at $9.99.

The app is useful for those Basecamp users who want to archive their information safely as a back up or need an easy way to work directly with their files outside of the functionality offered by Basecamp itself.   The app supports multiple accounts so users are not restricted on the files theycanister can download from Basecamp and which accounts they are contained within, giving significant flexibility to project managers.  Users need to have an existing valid login account for Basecamp to use the app.

Basecamp from 37signals, is one of the market leaders in cloud-based, collaborative project management applications and centers itself around a simple and intuitive interface covering essential project management, collaboration and document handling functionality.

The app is simple to use, just add your Basecamp accounts on the Accounts screen – account details can later be edited – Available files are then displayed in a browser-style screen.

Future features that are planned as improvements to the new app, include:

  • ·Synchronization of locally updated files with Basecamp
  • ·Conditionally work with files based on a project-by-project basis
  • ·Adjustments to bandwidth & proxy settings
  • ·Include the addition of right-click shortcuts in the Apple Mac Finder

Early feedback from users suggest that the app would benefit from a short video demonstration – $9.99 is a substantial price to pay, in terms of smartphone apps, on the basis of some limited information around the functionality and two screenshots.

For more information on Basecamp and to sign up for a free trial, visit the Basecamp HQ site.

Canister is available on the App Store at:



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