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Managing a project doesn’t always mean sitting in the same office day in, day out at your computer.  You’ll likely be out at meetings and on the go travelling to see clients or suppliers. This means you will, most likely, benefit significantly from having your project related information readily available at all times, without the need to set up your laptop and login, which is often not practical.

Basecamp BlackberryMobile access to Basecamp is now avalaible on Blackberry through Kompass from a company called Bryte Software. Until Kompass came along, Basecamp users were restricted to trying to access their projects through the small screen browser which is not ideal and makes the simple Basecamp interface far more difficult to navigate as it wasn’t built to be used in that way, or through a range of existing Basecamp applications, most of which aren’t really considered to be a good representation of the original interface.  Most of these existing mobile apps require that your Baseamp project information is downloaded, in its entirety, to your mobile handset before you can use it! As you can imagine, this may take some time if you have lots of project information stored within your Basecamp project area.  So has Kompass brought out a mobile version of Basecamp that is truly usable on the small screen?

Kompass BasecampKompass is a mobile web portal designed for smartphones including the BlackBerry, amongst others. So what does Kompass offer for the Blackberry user of Basecamp?

  • Milestone setting: In Basecamp, setting milestones is a simple part of the core functionality and, once created, the milestone is immediately accessible in the Kompass for Basecamp menu for milestones.  Milestones can also be created from within the Kompass site and reflected back in Basecamp.
  • Editing: The facility to update, such as, changing the due date, editing the settings for notifications, and delete milestones is offered along with the ability to add a comment, as you would expect within Basecamp.
  • Access to messages: your project messages are available to you within Kompass.

Missing from Kompass for Blackberry, though, is the useful Writeboard functionality and this may be seen as quite a limitation for those dedicated Basecamp users.

As Kompass is a mobile portal site, it could be particularly useful for a company which operates a set of different mobile devices, with all able to use the same version of Basecamp in mobile form, rather than native apps with different interfaces for each device.  Conversely, this also means that Kompass for Basecamp misses out on push and pull updates for project information that would make the transition from the large screen to the small screen completely seamless and instead relies on device refreshes to update modified information between the mobile device and the native Basecamp application.  All in all, Kompass offers an intuitive mobile interface.

Kompass is still in the testing phases and is, at the moment, accepting applications for beta testers so it might be worth signing up and giving it a try!


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