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Basecamp CalendarThe popular web application for business project management and collaborationBasecamp – and it’s parent company, 37signals, have been prepping its users for weeks for the addition of the new calendar and as of June 7th, the new feature within Basecamp has officially gone live.

The new calendar, dubbed simply “The Basecamp Calendar” is replacing the Milestone tool which has been around since Basecamp’s inception in 2004.

The new Calendar is integrated across the entire system, including all of the projects you may have, allowing for a quick overview of everything going on at your company – across all projects – or providing a space within each project to see and manage everything that is going on.

With this new release the lines are further blurred between where a program like Basecamp stops and where a conventional office/time management application like Outlook takes over. With this latest edition it’s clear that the only real requirement of those who wish to take advantage of Basecamp’s features is email – as that is the main tool used for collaboration (outside of actually logging in).

Basecamp New Calendar Review

We’ve had a chance to review the new Basecamp Calendar and are impressed with it’s functionality – and perhaps more importantly – it’s ease of use. If you used to use Milestones you’ll be right at home with the new calendar, however there are now additional items that can be added. These new items called Events, can be timely events such as meetings, or multi-day events.

To add a new item, event, or milestone, you simply click on the date. The only caveat with this new calendar is that every new item – event or milestone MUST be assigned to a project. This can get confusing if it’s an internal task or project – but is easily solved by creating an “internal” project.

Overall this new addition will be invaluable for small businesses and will offload yet another useful tool – the Calendar – into Basecamp.

For more information please check out Basecamp’s Blog post about the Launch of the New Calendar or visit


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