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Found a great looking new app by way of Google today. Yesterday Readdle (software developer based in Odessa Ukraine) released an awesome looking iPhone app that integrates Basecamp on your iPhone! So, if you’re looking for a iphone basecamp app this may be a great one to look at. Basetent (the name of the software) is described as:

[the] missing Basecamp application for the iPhone. This application let’s you manage BaseCamp projects right from the iPhone wherever you are.

The best thing about Basetent is that it looks and works pretty like Basecamp on your PC, Mac or Linux computer. The native iPhone interface is good for Mail or iPod applications but effective Basecamp usage requires different approach that we have implemented in the Basetent.

The web is abuzz with the release of this software. It is mentioned in various press release sites. It is perhaps one of the best looking and closest to basecamp in design apps available. It has a $9.99 price tag in the itunes store. But, there is also a demo/reduced version for free that allows you to check out its features, usability, and design (albeit for only one project) before making a final decision. Although the feature set is well highlighted on the site and attempts to differentiate itself with creative marketing copy it does not introduce any new features. Despite that, it is definitely a great looking program that I will surely review (once I get an iPhone).


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