• Highrise

    Infinite Scrolling is introduced to Highrise

    A new update to Highrise brings infinite scrolling to its users. This update to the functionality  means that browsing contacts, deals and cases in Highrise is both easier and faster . Users can now scroll through their streams of activity to see everything they need without having to click onto […]

  • highrise logo

    Highrise – A Place for Project Managers to Work?

    Highrise is a product, from 37signals, the makers of Basecamp, that helps collaboration between project members.  As a project manager, people are probably your most valuable resource and the interactions between them, whether verbal or written, are key pieces of information that hold your project together and move it toward […]

  • Hot!

    New Highrise Design

    Wow, after receiving an email notification this morning, and logging into my Highrise CRM account I am astounded by the differences and updates. The new design is even simpler, but already is making navigating and finding the information I wanted to pull up easier – something that can be hard […]

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    SalesForce Review vs. Highrise Review

    It’s been a little over a month since I last posted, and that’s in perfect lock-step with what’s been going on at my main company. We’ve been working hard to make some new hires, and with all new hires comes a lot of time training. And in preparation for growing […]