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    A New Way to Market Through Social Media: Photo Sharing

    People sharing their thoughts, tips, and knowledge online is nothing new. Blogging has been around for quite some time and has simply evolved into something bigger (or smaller if you’re talking about content) and more connected. We are now connected to each other in many ways at all times. We’ve […]

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    Team TreeHouse Business Lesson Review

    For my previous review, I took the time to go through a lesson for Photoshop Foundations. Photoshop is something I know absolutely nothing about, so it was nice to get a good foundation of knowledge to help me get started. For this review, however, I’d like to take the opportunity […]

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    Project Planning With TeamGantt

    Project management is essential in every aspect of a company’s success. Without project planning and the proper execution, steps may be missed and can affect the success of your company. Planning and communication are essential to success, and certain services can help streamline the process and make it a little […]

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    Team Treehouse Support & Extras

    If you’ve checked out our previous Team Treehouse posts, you can tell that we love it. It’s a great “school” of web design, web development, iOS app development, and now even business concepts. It may sound like a lot to take in, but with Team Treehouse, you will have help […]

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    Team Treehouse Photoshop Tutorial Review

    If you’ve been keeping up-to-date with the Zincubate blog and articles, you’ll know that we love Team Treehouse. We think it’s a great resource for those considering an education in the web that don’t necessarily possess a formal degree (I’m one of those people). What we like most about Team […]

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    Team Treehouse: More Than Learning Web Design

    If you’re on Zincubate (and you are), then you know how important the web is for business. Everyday I curse myself for getting a degree in Marketing rather than in Computer Information Systems or some other tech-related field. Possessing technology skills for web design, web development, and other technology in […]

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    WordPress Tutorial

    Are you using WordPress to build and manage your website? If so, you’re in good company – WordPress is currently the most used content management system online. If you’re a little new to WordPress, you’re in luck! We’ve put together a bit of a tutorial for WordPress to help you […]

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    WordPress Tutorial #5: Editing Posts & Pages

    In our previous tutorials, we separated information about Posts and Pages. When it comes to editing them, it’s very similar. Here, we will cover how to edit them. If you want more information, check out our main WordPress Tutorial post. Editing Published Blog Posts If you want to make changes […]

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    WordPress Tutorial #4: Adding Media & Links

    Now that you’ve created your Posts and Pages, you will be ready to add some media and links! Media and links to other pages are a great way to spice things up and keep readers interested. Need more information? Check out our main WordPress Tutorial post where you can find […]

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    WordPress Tutorial #3: Adding Pages

    For this particular WordPress Tutorial, we’ll be covering adding pages to your website. It’s extremely simple and very similar to adding a post. For some more in-depth information, check out our main WordPress Tutorial post. We will be using the Pages section of WordPress to add/edit your website’s pages. You will find […]