• Apple-Samsung Verdict

    Apple-Samsung Verdict: Will This Really Help Microsoft?

    With Apple’s victory in the much-hyped Apple-Samsung legal showdown, numerous websites, and Microsoft itself, have waxed eloquent about how this would be a big boost for Microsoft’s hopes in the smartphone industry. Let’s take a look at the validity of that assertion by looking at the stakeholders involved. Developers VisionMobile’s […]

  • HootSuite

    Scheduling Posts through HootSuite

    We are big fans of HootSuite here at Zincubate! This website makes it extremely easy to update your social network profiles with one click. I discovered that not only is it mind-numbingly easy to post messages through HootSuite, but you can also schedule posts to different networks for different/days/weeks/months. (If […]

  • Hot!

    Business & The Web Presentation

    Thank you to all of those that participated in my “Business & The Web” presentation, hosted by the FGCU Alumni foundation. We had a great showing, with many participants, questions, and hopefully those of you that attended/listened/watched learned a lot about growing your business on the web. This blog post is […]

  • The Diamonds

    Venture X Coworking Offices

    Brett Diamond recently gave our Zincubate Editorial Board an exclusive behind the scenes look at Venture X, a revolutionary new coworking facility in Naples, FL. Venture X will be opening early October 2012 in the Mercato Shopping Center. This revolutionary and state of the art facility is built on the model […]

  • Egnyte Cloud Storage

    Egnyte: The Basics and Benefits

    It’s simple. Small and large businesses alike possess and utilize information and data. For some, this information is stored in a room with endless file cabinets. Thanks to awesome advancements in technology, others are taking full advantage of storing their information and working electronically. This not only helps in the […]

  • Zincubate Launch Giveaway Winner

    Zincubate Launch Giveaway Winner

    If you’ve followed the progression of this website from the project management powerhouse of Promana.net to the more comprehensive and inclusive technology resource Zincubate.com, you probably have noticed some changes. To mark and commemorate the transformation from Promana to Zincubate.com, we thought – what better than a poster… Mark Porter, […]

  • Facebook Ads Do They Even Work

    Facebook: The New Realm for Remarketing

    I was reading an article recently regarding Facebook’s new remarketing tool: Facebook Exchange. Investors and consumers alike have questioned the potential profitability of Facebook, and it seems the company is looking for ways outside of its traditional advertisements to bring in some revenue. Remarketing Defined – Simply Remarketing is not a new concept – Google has […]

  • LinkedIn For Business

    LinkedIn for Business: How to Use LinkedIn

    What is LinkedIn? LinkedIn is a relatively new platform for social media networking. Think of it as the Facebook for professionals (without the inundation of Farmville and other game requests).  This site is used to “link” these professionals across all areas of business and all industries. Whether you are looking to market […]

  • Google Analytics

    Customized and Sophisticated Reporting: Be Empowered.

    What is Google Analytics? Okay, okay. You probably know about Google Analytics, but in case you don’t, we wanted to give you the Reader’s Digest version. Google Analytics is a free service that allows companies and organizations to track everything. With your Google Analytics account, you can track the number […]