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Central Desktop is a comprehensive project management and collaboration tool that is available through subscription (although there is a freebie option, too) over the cloud, meaning quick and simple access to functionality to help you organize and progress yourMobi Logo projects and business without the need for expensive software licenses and local complex installations.  With the surge over the last few years in the use of smartphones, it seems logical that applications like Central Desktop will offer mobile access.

Central Desktop’s app offering comes in the form of a 3rd party product, known as CentralDesktop.MOBI, developed by Red Oak Technologies as a Certified Central Desktop technology partner, and is available for the iPhone and Andriod.Mobi Screenshot

At a glance, the features offered are:

  • See your Central Desktop workspaces and categories
  • See your task lists and individual tasks
  • See your calendar, list of events and individual events
  • Create new tasks
  • Edit task details
  • Make task assignments
  • Create new events
  • Edit event details
  • See and add comments
  • Invite new participants to a scheduled event

Of course, to use the mobile app, you  must already have a valid Central Desktop account, but once you do, your workspaces are immediately available in CentralDesktop.MOBI.  The functionality allows you to work your way through your workspaces  to see a full task list and event list. In the mobile version the task list shows a useful preview of the task description.  The priority color of the task is also shown along with assigned users.  New tasks can be easily added and existing ones edited directly from the mobile app.

The calendar and events is the other key area of functionality in the mobile app.  The event list for your workspace will show the title, scheduled date and time. New events can be created and, like tasks, existing ones can be updated. CentralDesktop.MOBI offers a calendar that is simple to use and can show all of your planned events in a monthly view to help you keep track of your schedule.

This early version concentrates on tasks and events, though, there is not, as yet, any database, discussion or search functionality included, although this may come with a later release.

The iPhone and Android apps are out of Beta testing and are currently available free of charge and are certainly worth a look for users of Central Desktop. The functionality in CentralDesktop.MOBI is simple at the moment, but is extremely useful if you need to access your Central Desktop information on the move!




Jan Birley

Jan holds a PhD in computing and started out in software development and IT training. She built a strong career as a project and program manager focusing on IT in the Health Service sector. Jan specializes in taking greenfield and immature services/departments to effective business-as-usual operation and is currently responsible for the delivery of clinical assessment forms into a high profile clinical system. Jan has authored 100′s of articles on project-management related topics.


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