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Here's a Sneak Peek at the New Logo

I’m excited to announce some new changes at For those of you that have been with us since the very beginning days – originally simply a free website reviewing and providing tips on Basecamp, through our initial transition to a fully hosted site at, through our redesign, and additional staff – all of which are still a part of this exciting project – I thank you.

But, they say the only constant in life is change. And we’re again changing things up…

Promana is Becoming Zincubate (.com)

We’ve been working on a transition for months, and will continue to be working through quarter 1 and will soon have available our brand new website

Why the change? 

Personally, I never connected to – I felt the need/opportunity for this kind of site, so lept before I looked so to speak. In re-reviewing our mission and goals I realized that a perfect name was one that was already being used by my company at the time. Zincubate, a combination a few words and paradigms, it’s an element, and mineral essential to us humans, incubate – meaning to “provide heat so as to provide growth” we don’t care so much about the heat part, but we’re all about the growth – and of course the vain “Z” for my name.

Zincubate’s Mission

We’ll be reiterating this constantly on the new site, but our mission will be at the core of our business, our writings, and our service to you. It’s not changing – merely expanding…

Our mission is to help businesses learn and implement technology to grow, market, and run their business.

Pretty simple, but day after day we see companies new and old, large and small, who have been fed a diet of misinformation, have the wrong people in positions of power (when it comes to technology) so we want to provide the tools you need to evaluate your practices, your services, and implement something that really works – saving time, money, and making your customers’ or clients’ lives that much better.

We hate shitty business – and we’re on a mission to make business in the U.S. much better!

What This Means For You?

Just increased quality articles, and our articles, reviews, and featured will be expanded. Although Project Management will continue to be our core theme, we’ll have information and how-tos on Web Marketing, Hosting, Client Relationship Management (CRM) and much more…

You need do nothing – one day will simply be redirected to

So thank you again for your time throughout the years so far. Things are about to get way better, with a new design, more quality articles, and some other things I’ll just keep quiet about.

Zach Katkin


Zach Katkin

Zach is the owner of a number of small businesses including Atilus. He has used many of the small business tools and tips featured on this site in order to help his company. Zach – who general doesn’t like speaking about himself in 3rd person – wants to help you – that’s right, now I’m talking to you – make your small business the best it can be using the Interweb.


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