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Consulting firms require the need to have reliable and effective collaboration software so that work can be done easily and efficiently. The internet today is a place where people converge. Working together while each member is somewhere else is made possible with collaboration software. There are many collaboration platforms on the Internet today but most of them are not that functional at all.

basecamp logoBasecamp

This collaboration software is a top choice for many business people. The focus of this software is making things simple and clear so that everyone on the team is able to understand it.

Previous collaboration applications focused more on charts and graphs and it made things complicated. These things do not really help you finish what you are working on. What makes Basecamp different from others is that there is communication and collaboration and it brings the people in the team together.

There are several languages that this collaboration software has been translated to such as French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Finnish, Danish, Greek, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Swedish, Hungarian, German, and Japanese. There is even an application for devices such as iPhones and Androids so that you or a consulting firm can manage projects while on the go.

highrise logoHighrise

This useful collaboration software is for many people. In business, it is important to be always prepared. Knowing what you talked about with whom and when it was is important. This can make a big difference in your business. There are just so many contacts and people that you get in touch with and with Highrise, you will be able to keep track of the contact details of the person, what you talked about, and what he or she is expecting. It is like having a personal assistant.

With Highrise, everyone is updated. You will be able to see the schedule of follow-ups, set a reminder when to send a note to a client and review a colleague’s notes in something that he is supposed to do. Emails coming from one client can also be organized in just one page so you do not have to look for it in your inbox.


If you want to keep all documents, schedules, and discussions in one place all the time, Backpack is the collaboration software that you are looking for. This is easy to use and you can add any notes, files, photos, to-do, and so much more to just one page. The pages are very easy to create and they can be used to consolidate, share, and confer anything.

In a traditional office setting, chances are the files and other documents of the employees are not so organized. These files may be in different computers and different filing cabinets. That makes one inefficient and a lot of time is wasted in looking for different files. With the use of Backpack, frequently used files can be accessed easily. Tutorials and guides can also be shared to your employees when there is a need. You see, with this collaboration software, you can cut down on your paper wastes and contribute to the environment.

campfire logoCampfire

Campfire is similar to other collaboration software discussed above but with a twist. It is like instant messaging software only that it is for a certain group. Conference calling is made possible and you can look back at your chat transcripts to recall what you talked about and what you might have missed. You can even integrate Campfire with Basecamp and have it on your iPhone.

When choosing the right collaboration software for the company efficiency in communication and management must always be taken into consideration.


Greg Katkin

In the 30′s a pack of wolves found him – Greg Katkin – an abandoned baby boy. At first he had blue eyes, but they changed all that. Those wolves raised him good, raised him right. Learn-ed him. Showed him how to write those wolves did. Greg, an expert in small business development writes for Zincubate as well as manages another local small business.


  1. Each 37 Signals’ product is awesome in its category, and definitely a good and sound fit for Consulting firms.

    Like most Professional Services firms, Consulting firms have to “manage two things”: Customers, and Projects. But for this firms, Projects are not separated from Customers. Projects are in fact “Customer’s Projects”.

    Feng Office delivers the same – and some additional – functionality as the 37Signals Suite, on a single-integrated system.

    We would love to learn your thoughts on a 37Signals vs Feng Office comparison, so that we can improve any weak point Feng Office.

  2. Never heard of Feng Office before, I can put it into consideration for a future review!

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