Hot! Death Knell Tolls for 3rd Party Basecamp Apps with Release of new Basecamp Mobile!

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basecamp mobile37-Signals has now finally released its own version of Basecamp for the small screen smartphone and with this, in an instant they have significantly jeopardised the 11 third-party developers that have built a business around producing apps to deliver mobile Basecamp functionality, that previously wasn’t available.

This new mobile product is accessed through the browser of your phone and works on all the most popular makes and models, and covers: iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad, Motorola Droid X, Motorola Droid 2, Samsung Galaxy S, HTC Incredible, HTC Evo, Palm Pre 2, BlackBerry Torch, and any device running iOS 4+, Android 2.1+, webOS 2, or BlackBerry 6.  As a browser-based product, it is not an app in the traditional sense of the word and this is, in many ways, against the grain of current mobile developments that are native to each platform, but by adopting this approach, Basecamp ensures that its mobile application will work on any smartphone rather than potentially missing valuable clients by creating a range of device-specific versions.  On the counter side, creating a web-based application means that specific phone features can’t be capitalised on and users must be online to use the software.  In addition, web applications don’t have push notifications and other native features, which, particularly IOS users, might see as a significant drawback.

To access this new mobile version of Basecamp, go to in the web browser of your mobile smartphone.

Basecamp mobile offers all the basic expected features, access your projects, post messages, read and add comments, manage to-do lists, work with Writeboards and manage documents, via their new web interface but perfectly designed for the small screen, in an easy-to-read and digest format, with access through simple taps and, built in HTML 5, needs no specific app installation.

In their post to the Signal vs. Noise blog, 37signals stresses that the Basecamp Mobile web interface is its first version and the basic functionality will be completed with the introduction of more advanced features in later versions.

37-Signals has released a short advertisement video, included here: Basecamp Mobile


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