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We are big fans of HootSuite here at Zincubate! This website makes it extremely easy to update your social network profiles with one click. I discovered that not only is it mind-numbingly easy to post messages through HootSuite, but you can also schedule posts to different networks for different/days/weeks/months. (If you need a quick overview of HootSuite, check out our previous blog post.)

Do you find that your company has a lot to say? Most social network users are accustomed to receiving updates in different ways. For example, Twitter followers could expect up to 2 tweets per day, while that many posts would overwhelm a Facebook fan. With HootSuite scheduling, you can schedule the exact day and time you want your message to go out. Also, when you schedule through HootSuite, you can go pretty far into time – I was able to get all the way to May 2014 (I just checked for my own curiosity).

How-To: Schedule HootSuite Posts

I took some time today to check out what it’s like to post scheduled messages through HootSuite. Like I expected, scheduling posts is very simple and easy to do.

First, go to your message box and assemble your message. Underneath, you will see a calendar icon. Take a look:


From there, click the date/time you want your message to post. Another feature I like is the option to have HootSuite email you once the post has been sent. You will get separate emails for each social network. For example, if I schedule posts for 6 different networks, I will get 6 different emails confirming the post has been complete. I like to check out how it looks on our different social network sites, so this reminds me that it’s been done and that I can go check it out. Here’s what your email will look like:



My second favorite feature after option to email is the Publisher. You can view all upcoming messages in your publisher much like a calendar in Microsoft Outlook. This feature makes is super easy to keep track and stay organized. To find the Publisher, go to your menu bar that is on the lefthand side. Click on Publisher, and voila!




Much like an email calendar, you can set to view by day, week, or month. I prefer the weekly view and here’s how the Publisher looks:


New AutoSchedule Feature

HootSuite recently announced the addition of AutoSchedule to its scheduling options. If you’ll refer back to the first picture, you’ll see that you can turn AutoSchedule on or off. The AutoSchedule option allows HootSuite to publish your message based on optimal publishing times for different social networks. Don’t worry – if you choose the AutoSchedule feature, you can still reschedule. You can spend less time worrying about the time of day for your post and let HootSuite do the work!


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