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Social networks have been around for a few years now and we’ve even witnessed the demise (MySpace) and introduction (Google+) of a couple. We’re all used to communicating on a personal level using these networks. As a society, it has become the way in which we connect. I was able to communicate with total strangers about my favorite Super Bowl commercials through the “Trending Topics” on Twitter and I can also find out who wins awards at the award shows I never stay awake to finish. Social media has changed the way we communicate globally, and that goes for businesses too.

The use of social media for business is still quite new – many companies (both large and small) do not know how to navigate these networks. Different networks communicate in different ways, and it’s sometimes difficult for companies to keep a clear and consistent message throughout. For those of us that are responsible for updating social networks to stay in the loop with “fans”, “followers”, “connections”, or members of our “circles”, it can become quite time-consuming to make updates to each network. And now, we have HootSuite to thank for making our lives a WHOLE lot easier.

Quick HootSuite How-To

HootSuite is an online brand and social media management service that helps you to manage multiple social networks. Here at Zincubate, we use it for our Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ Pages. HootSuite makes it extremely easy (even for a non-techy person) for you to update your social networks with news, events, and other information you think your followers need to have. HootSuite has integrated with all of the most popular social media networks (Google+ being the most recent): Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Foursquare, WordPress, MySpace, and mixi. To add accounts, all you need is your username and password.

HootSuite - Social Media Dashboard

Your HootSuite account is set up for maximum efficiency and ease-of-use. Take a look at what your accounts will look like:

HootSuite Social Media Management

You are also given the option to rename the tabs if you’d like. HootSuite not only allows you to send messages, but you can view your pages including messages, mentions, events, etc. Take a look:

HootSuite Zincubate Facebook

Now, we get to the meat of what you’ll be doing with HootSuite: posting messages. When I first started, I assumed it would be a little difficult given that you are posting to so many different networks. I was definitely WRONG. When you are ready to post a message, it’s as simple as filling in one little box.

HootSuite Compose a Message

You write your message (add a link, too) and simply click to select the profiles you want it to go out on. You can choose either one network or all of them. It’s that simple.

Not Just for Sharing

Social media is about sharing with your customers. Whether you want to simply give them something funny to read or you want to put the word out about a huge event, social media is the fastest (and cheapest) way to get it out there. However, that’s not where the benefits of HootSuite end.

There are two versions of HootSuite: Basic and Pro. With the Pro Edition of HootSuite, you can have UNLIMITED social profiles (compared to 5 with the Basic Edition). Along with unlimited social profiles, you also have access to enhanced social media analytics, unlimited RSS feeds, Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, and many other awesome reporting features. The HootSuite Basic plan is free, while the HootSuite Pro plan is only $5.99/month.  Whichever plan you choose depends on your social media needs.


Kristen Bachmeier

Kristen is a graduate of Florida Gulf Coast University and holds a BS in Marketing with a minor in Advertising. Kristen started as an intern for Atilus and spent two months getting caught up in all things tech. When not immersing herself in blogging and social media marketing, she likes to spend her time drinking coffee, kayaking, shopping, and going to theme parks (preferably Disney).


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