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The team at Huddle are absolutely confident that collaboration is a holistic paradigm rather than simply a way of communicating with those Huddle collaborationin your immediate work circle and see it as the whole concept of sharing information with everyone involved in a business community, and this can include project team members, staff from other departments within the same organization, customers, suppliers, contractors, consultants, and many more.  True collaboration, with no organizational limits is  not really achievable using tools such as, SharePoint, Microsoft Project, etc, because these sit behind firewalls on local organizational servers.

So, where does Huddle fit into this?

The rise of the internet to its current proportions has seen the proliferation of applications that are offered as on-demand services, where customers, whether organizations or individuals, have access to their information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, across different time zones.  Huddle is one such application and it is proud to introduce its Unlimited Enterprise offering into the market. Its aim is to recognize the enterprise needs of its customers, allowing an additional range of users to be added to their accounts to allow for true collaboration across their entire stakeholder range.  These new ‘lite’ users are then able to access the appropriate Huddle account on a more occasional basis to their full counterparts, letting them see and comment on the information they need, without the need to have the full access that other organizational users need.  As an added bonus, these Lite users are added free of charge to the account holder!

More about Huddle

Huddle offers comprehensive collaborative project management functionality.  With central and secure storage, documents and files  can be Huddle collaboration drawing_shared across interested users from a single online source so users can be sure they are accessing the most up to date information.  Of course, no online project management application is complete without the standard task and resource management features and Huddle does these well, with useful filtering and built in automatic reminders.  Collaboration is facilitated through a range of different means, including discussion threads, online whiteboards for note taking and the ability to attach comments to different Huddle elements, such as, tasks and documents. With versions being supported for both documents and whiteboards, users are clearly able to keep track any changes.  Huddle also offers an online meetings facility, saving users from having to use a service external to their project management application.

In addition, the look and feel of the Huddle interface can be customized to match an organization’s own brand.

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Jan Birley

Jan holds a PhD in computing and started out in software development and IT training. She built a strong career as a project and program manager focusing on IT in the Health Service sector. Jan specializes in taking greenfield and immature services/departments to effective business-as-usual operation and is currently responsible for the delivery of clinical assessment forms into a high profile clinical system. Jan has authored 100′s of articles on project-management related topics.


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