Hot! Improvements in Campfire to see out 2011

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Campfire is introducing its end of year improvements for its users and these improvements include:campfire improvements per room

Per-room permissions:  Before this feature came along, permissions had to changed on an individual basis for each person within a room in Campfire, which was time consuming and monotonous.  The new improved feature means that when a room is created, users can set who has access to it from a single screen.

New sounds:  Campfire has had some new sounds added and these include ‘/play secret’, ‘/play tada’, ‘/play nyan’ – have a listen!

Lots of new Emoji: Campfire has introduced some new imports – 495 emoji.  Also included is a full cheat sheet to let users gen up on how to use Emoji correctly.  Emoji is the Japanese term, that literally means picture + letter, for the picture characters that are used in Japanese electronic messages and in webpages.

Animated GIF Thumbnails: Animated GIFs, of course, already exist in Campfire, but with this new feature, when you upload a GIF picture within Campfire, it will automatically resize and the thumbnail will also be animated. 

About Campfire

Campfire is one of the suite of applications that are available as a software service over the cloud from 37signals – the campfire screenmakers of Basecamp.

Campfire is a tool that lets its users collaborate in web based group chat. The functionality lets users set up individual chat rooms that are password protected. The application is very easy to use and new chat rooms can be up and running in a matter of seconds.  Once set up, clients, project team members, contractors, in fact, anyone you need to collaborate with can be invited to join the room.

To capitalize on internal communications, Campfire chat rooms can be linked to an organization’s own intranet, too.

As a web based application, there is no requirement to download or install software locally – all that’s needed is a computer and an internet connection and you’re collaborating.

Campfire is now also available for the iPhone with its’ own custom app that includes a simple user interface, live image previews within a chat room and access to all campfire rooms that you have access for.

Campfire is available through a number of different monthly pricing options, ranging from the Basic plan at $12 per month, allowing up to 12 chatter, right up to the Max plan at $99 per month, for up to 100 chatters.  Campfire comes for 30 days free to let you try it out.  For more information, please  visit:


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