Hot! New App for Basecamp Brings Ta-Da Lists to iPhone

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tadaThere are a number of 3rd party apps offering small-screen access to 37signals products, like Basecamp, its flagship collaborative, cloud-based project management product, and the latest addition, called All-Done, now focuses on the Ta-Da lists.  Developed by Andy Steinmann, to overcome what he saw as short-comings in Basecamp’s own iPhone web app, All-Done is a native iOS app that interfaces directly with Ta-Da lists.  Functionality in the All-Done app lets users synchronize their lists with, add new lists and list items. Users can also move and copy items from one list to another and mark items and entire lists as completed, in a convenient and easy-to-use iPhone interface.

Ta-Da lists is a web-based to-do list maker that allows users to create, manage and update lists of items with a whole multitude of functions, like, lists of restaurants, notes, packing reminders, things to discuss on your next conference call, etc.  As it is web-based, it can be accessed from any browser, provided you have an internet connection but this does mean that without an internet connection, the lists are inaccessible.Alldone Tada

Ta-Da lists can be shared with friends, family, other people you want to collaborate with or, indeed, can be kept as simple personal reminders and there’s no limit on the number of lists you can create. Marking items as completed is as simple as checking a box and once marked, a completed item moves to the bottom of the list. Once a list is created it slips off into the background to let users home in on their active lists.

Included functionality, sees the ability for the user to send an email to themselves as a reminder for outstanding items, too, along with an RSS feed to keep a check on changes.

The best feature of all of Ta-Da lists, is that it is free.  It takes only seconds to sign up for an account and there is no charge, ever!

Priced at $0.99, the All-Done app is available through the iTunes store.

Find out more about 37signals products, including Ta-Da lists and Basecamp.


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