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outpost iphoneBasecamp, the online, collaborative project management application has seen a number of 3rd party iPhone apps developed to support mobile working and a recent addition to that list is Outpost 2, developed by Enormego, which works on both the iPhone and iPad.  Released in March of this year, Outpost 2 allows its users, who have a valid Basecamp account, to access their project information directly from their mobile device. Outpost 2 is native app so is able to capitalize on the iPhone and iPad features and retails in the App Store at $19.99, which is at the more expensive end of the Basecamp mobile apps.

Functionality in the Outpost 2 app allows users to update their milestones and work with their to-do lists and messages, allowing editing, deleting, and adding comments, too. Offline working is also available for messages, to-do lists and milestones, so once they’re downloaded they’re available for viewing. It also includes an address book allowing users to send messages easily to teams and groups. Multiple accounts can be handled by Outpost 2 and tracking of time is an inclusion that is often missing from mobile apps as is the inclusion of the Basecamp Dashboard summary view.outpost logo 

The current version of Outpost 2 doesn’t, however, provide any support for Basecamp’s Writeboards and won’t until 37signals release a corresponding API.

Early feedback for the app is variable, with some reviews indicating that the app, even at version 2, is immature for its price and contains some bugs, whilst others rate its functionality well.

Outpost was originally released in the App Store in 2008, alongside another app called Groundwork, each produced by different developers but both aiming to achieve the same outcome. The second version of Groundwork marked a complete re-development which later came together with Outpost after a meeting with the original developer of Outpost 1, David Kaneda. From there Groundwork 3 was replaced with Outpost 2.

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