Project Management Software

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If you’re looking for a comprehensive list and description of online project management software, collaboration and task software, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve organized the display of all of this software in a number of different ways, which you can select from below or scroll down for a complete list.

Types of Project Management Software

Select one of the following attributes to learn more about project management software that includes the items listed. Or, scroll down for a complete list.

  • API – The software on this list include an application programming interface, for utilizing your data in other ways (developing your own programs or using other programs developers have created).
  • CRM – Looking for a project management or collaboration tool that ALSO includes tools for managing your clients (customers relationship management)? This comprehensive list is perfect.
  • Company – This list is organized by the company creating the software.
  • Enterprise Capable – Have a larger company or enterprise? These solutions will work well with your situation.
  • Free Services – The collaboration and task software in this category are free or offer free plans for project management.
  • Licensed Software – Like open source, you can download and install this software (and often customize it). But, unlike open source licensed software, there is a price and rules as to how much you can customize these licensed project management applications.
  • Open Source – Open source project management solutions that you can download, install, and tweak to your heart’s content.
  • SAAS – SAAS (or software as a service) means these applications are hosted on the providers’ servers. There is no downloading, no installing, simply sign up and begin using.
  • USE – Each of the programs on this list has been broken out by use, how you use the program, or what industry it was meant to be used for.

Complete List of Project Management Software, Collaboration & Task Software:

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