Ace Project

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ACE ProjectGet ready for a quick flash back to 1990 if you visit the Ace Project website. Although, looks can be deceiving and it’s always a tough thing to evaluate a product/service (in this case Ace Project’s project management suite) separate from it’s package (website, box, design, etc.). I remember a former boss of mine used to pound into us “The product IS the packaging!” Of course, he was referring to a physical service, but I think it applies even more so to online services because… you have to interact with the design EVERYTIME you use the software. They are inseparable. And good design means a better user experience.

You want a good user experience don’t you?

What Is Ace Project

Project is essentially Basecamp, with a poorer design, on steroids and based on Microsoft’s technologies. Ace Project features all of the normal project management tools including:

  • Task Management
  • Resource Management
  • Project Stats
  • Gantt Charts
  • and more…

I like that ACE gives you direct access to their DB (MSSQL) if you choose to have them host the software, or you can purchase a license and install on your own machine. I also like that it is fully compatible and manipulable with Excel. With this in mind, their limits on size is a little bit more understandable, but I still find it unacceptable that the highest level ($99/month) only offers 2GB of storage! I would go through that with only a few projects.