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As a business owner or freelancer I bet you’d love 2 things… (well, we all do):



Basecamp Project Management allows you to free up more time, and make more money. But, perhaps more importantly is that 3rd thing you desire..


the love and admiration of clients, as you get your job done well. Basecamp allows you to do that.

Basecamp Project Management
Makes You Money, Frees Your Time, And Brings You Love!

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(find out how…)

Basecamp Project Management is one of the most popular pieces of software available for a small business today. Basecamp was originally released by 37Signals, a Chicago based web development and software development firm in, in early 2004. Since that time it has grown by leaps and bounds.

What is Basecamp & How Does it Work?

Basecamp is an Organizational Tool That Will Transform Your Business

Basecamp Project Management Logo

Good question. I’ve included a couple of screen shots below to illustrate the following. In a nutshell, Basecamp is an online software as a service (you pay for it each mont) program that you access, and fill with data in order to run your business projects. There is a bit of a hierarchy within Basecamp and understanding this up front may help some of you:

  • Your Company
  • You & Employees
  • Client Company
  • Client Employees
  • Projects

That’s it! Obviously there are a number of tools, once you get to the project level, but many times companies DON’T EVEN USE THIS. Not that they’re not valuable, but let’s face it, we’re all busy, and we all tend to do things the fastest way possible – hopefully without sacrificing quality ;).

Before you sign up for Basecamp take 5 seconds, enter your email address below – your future self will thank you! We help you get the most of basecamp with tips and best practices.

Basecamp Not Just a Project Management App

basecamp interfaceAs I’ve written before, Basecamp is not just about project management. In fact, what it does best, I wouldn’t even consider “project management” unlike many other tools out there it manages communications you and your company may have – with a client, an individual, or a number of individuals at a company – exceptionally well. This handy tool keeps everyone on your staff onboard and with the information they need to make every project a killer project.

Enough of this techy mumbo jumbo, what can Basecamp really do for you?

Well, first… who are you? If you’re like me you are probably a small business considering basecamp. You’ve heard good things, but don’t want to take the plunge, implementing a new piece of software, that at best – will take time and money to properly utilize. I see we think alike!

At it’s core I believe Basecamp has been such a success – both commercially, and personally (for my own business), for this core reason:

BASECAMP IS SIMPLE – It’s ridiculously simple. EVERY part of Basecamp, including the MOST IMPORTANT PARTS are simple. I’ve coached hundreds of clients over the years on Basecamp and each one got the hang of it in minutes, if not seconds.

But, breaking it out a little further here’s why Basecamp kicks so much ass and saves many times more in time and money, than it will ever cost…

  • VERY little setup – it’s not complicated to setup at all, in fact, it take just 30 seconds to get going, and 1 minute to put in your first project. If you’re new to project management – have no fear, Basecamp was made just for you.
  • Your clients will love you – As soon as you introduce basecamp to a client, you’ll immediately feel WHY basecamp is so powerful. You will look like the master of your niche. Whether you’re a development company, a contractor, or a basket maker Basecamp makes your organization look (and if you use it right) BE organized. It also gives your clients just the tiniest behind the scenes peak into your organization – making them more connected to you and your company. (For more information on some best practices on using Basecamp I highly recommend you download our Basecamp White-Paper)
  • Get to know your business – Using just a few of Basecamp’s simple tools will make a world of difference on your insight into your company. Begin tracking time through the system and you’ll immediately know if you’re making money on projects, or if you’re not.

READY TO SIGN UP FOR BASECAMP NOW? Before you do… please consider the following:

My main company uses Basecamp to manage all of our projects, but it took nearly 2 years to get there.

We were very slow to adopt Basecamp completely, unsure – because of past decisions – whether Basecamp was the tool for us. We liked that Basecamp was so simple. In fact, it was so simple, we really didn’t understand the power it held.

After 2 years of recreational use – we took the plunge after a mix up of communications on a project – we have never looked back. Since then it is our go-to tool for tracking employee time on everything, as well as many other core business processes that were previously hard to manage. And, our clients love it!

My advice is… don’t wait years, use the free trial, check it out, if you like it… take the plunge, immerse your company in Basecamp completely and experience the power it has to transform your business.

Before you sign up for Basecamp take 5 seconds, enter your email address below – your future self will thank you! We help you get the most of basecamp with tips and best practices.

If you’re ready to free up some more time, get more things done, and have your clients love you, please sign up for Basecamp Today!

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