Celoxis Project Management

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Celoxis Project ManagementIf Basecamp is project management for small businesses that like to communicate, and 5pm is for more intense small business projects, Celoxis is for any team or company with very big, complex projects that need constant attention and finesse in order to complete successfully.

Celoxis is BIG, not only do they have a pretty large and active user base (upwards of 30,000 according to their website), but their clientèle and SIZE of projects tracked is even more impressive. According to the site:

30,000+ Users Worldwide, Over $1,000,000,000s (that’s a billion – lots of zero) in projects

Who Uses Celoxis?


Celoxis DashboardSome major companies due such as:

  • Siemens
  • HBO
  • Nike
  • Toyota
  • Sun

Whew!!! And the list goes on.

Celoxis Project Management Features

Celoxis has some impressive features, organized within groups:

Project Planning
  • Spreadsheet style task editing
  • Gantt charts
  • 2-way Microsoft Project™ synchronization
  • Project templates
  • Resource work calendars

For more information please visit: Celoxis.