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Welcome to Zincubate’s page dedicated to Central Desktop.

Our site features a number of posts and pages dedicated to Central Desktop (for a complete list of the most recent posts please scroll to the bottom of this page). But, I thought I’d generate this page as a catch all for all of the information for Central Desktop.

What is Central Desktop?

Central Desktop can best be summarized as a COMPLETE business solution. Unlike many of the other pieces of software listed on this site, including Basecamp, or 5pmWeb, and many others, Central Desktop doesn’t just do 1 thing (Project Management for the two listed) it does MANY things, plus it integrates with Office – one of the most powerful features of the software.

Central Desktop Overview from Central Desktop on Vimeo.

What’s Included With Central Desktop?

Well, like many things in life, that depends. Mostly, it depends on what version you choose (more information on versions and pricing below). But, in total Central Desktop offers:

  • File Sharing – Share and store files in a centralized locations, so all of your team members and employees can see, and work on, the same stuff – at the same time!
  • Team Communication – There are a number of different ways organizations communicate – now-a-days email, threads, discussion forums, and wiki’s are all important to be as efficient as possible and Central Desktop covers all of these areas.
  • Project Management – In addition to the above for your company, they are also integrated into Central’s project management tool. Be they internal or external projects, Central Desktop let’s you track time, assign milestones and to-dos.
  • SalesForce Integration – This internal business management tool integrates with what Zincubate considers THE BEST CRM – Sales Force!
  • Web Meetings – Many companies, such as ourselves, used OTHER tools to host online meetings, like go2meeting, Central includes this, making note taking even more streamlined.

That’s it in a nutshell. Sure there are some cool support things unlocked at high-level subscriptions, but overall these 4 functions highlight what Central Desktop is really all about – Running a Business. In our opinion it’s the single best tool for running your business. Unlike Basecamp, which does project management well, this tool INCLUDES project management, and a number of steps above/beyond – all of the internal and general communications your business needs to run.

Ready to try out Central Desktop for your business? Join today and receive a free 30 day trial!

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