Client Spot Project Management

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clientspotThere is a lot I like about Client Spot, and it may surprise you. As I mentioned in a previous post on the State of Online Project Management… this space is cluttered. There are SO many pieces of software out there, they all pretty much do the same thing, so how is one to choose. Well, Client Spot is – ahem – SPOT on when it comes to their marketing and video. Unlike others they speak to their audience, they spoke to me when I came to their website. If you’re like many small entrepreneurs out there, you started small, are getting bigger, but seem to be drowning in too much unorganized communication.

If you track contractors’ and your own time… it’s probably even MORE difficult.

What I like About Client Spot

  • They know their audience, and speak to us. It’s a tool to help you run your small business, it helps you save time and money!
  • Web based time tracker – open it, track time right in your browser, easy, and effective!
  • Custom Database – do whatever you want with their custom DB tool
  • Export time to Quickbooks – This rocks! If much of your monthly invoicing revolves around sending clients time reports this is incredibly useful.
  • Calendar with multiple views – pretty cool that you can track projects, tasks AND just misc. client events (let’s say a birthday or something).

What I don’t like about Client Spot

  • Not as polished
  • A clear Basecamp ripoff – from the features through the way it presents packages it’s almost a complete copy of Basecamp
  • Storage – pretty small in comparison to other competitors. This is important for companies like mine.
  • Not as easy to use – because of it’s lack of polish (which I feel adds to the marketability and usability of any program) it’s simply not as easy to use

With all of this said however, Client Spot Project Management appears to be a great contender and an offering that, if nothing else, I recommend you check out.