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Share Financial Information Securely

When it comes to accounting, nothing is more sacred than financial statements and documents. With Egnyte, you don’t need to worry about any breaches of security. Egnyte knows the importance of your customers’ and company’s financial information and it protects your information through five awesome layers of security (check out our Egnyte security overview post here).

Share Time Sensitive Information Fast

When you rely on sharing files over email or USB drive, you run the risk of that information falling into the wrong hands. With Egnyte, you can upload and share files with your company and be sure that the information is getting to only the person that needs it. Another added bonus is that you can set file expiration dates – this is great for time-sensitive financial data.

Hold Information – Even After It’s Gone

In accounting and bookkeeping, accidents can happen: someone shreds and important tax return accidently or an income statement is lost in records. With Egnyte, you don’t need to worry about data recovery. Administrators have the option to access files even after they’re trashed (within a certain timeframe).

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