Hot! Some Simple Tips for Managing Everyday Tasks

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It is not just project managers who have tasks to manage. Most of us, whether in our daily working or personal lives have important things that we need totask list manage and organizing these as a coherent task list can help significantly in getting them completed.

So what can we do to manage tasks better, whether we’re working on a structured project or have a simple list of things that need to get done?

  • Record it – if you keep it in your head, it’s easy to forget. Noting your task will help to reinforce it and gives you a firm point of reference.
  • Set a timescale – know when you need to get a task done by and make a record of that deadline. You can always change your timescale to accommodate more tasks, but you need to know what needs to be done and when it needs to be done by.
  • Set priorities – make sure you know which are the most important tasks to get done first. Thinking ahead about priorities will help you focus and ensure you don’t end up in a muddle with those things that could wait being done ahead of really key activities.
  • Plan ahead – create a to-do list for the week or day ahead so you know what you’re planning to do and when you’re planning to do it. Make sure you keep the list manageable – it’s counter-productive to have a list that you simply can’t complete. Successfully getting to the end of your list will be a milestone and will set you up full of motivation to tackle the next set of tasks with a positive mind.
  • Delegate – if you can pass your tasks on to someone else who can carry them out efficiently and correctly, then do so. That will free you up for other things that maybe only you can do.
  • Use a task management tool – there is a multitude of online tools that help you to organize and manage your tasks. Most have quite sophisticatedapollohq functionality but you can choose to use what you want when you want. These tools have some features in common, one of which is the freedom to use and pay for the tool on an as-you-need-it basis with no holding contracts or long term commitment needed. One such tool is Apollo. For small businesses and, indeed, individuals, Apollo offers its Solo plan that offers solid task management (amongst a good deal of additional features) at $14 per calendar month – a very small price to pay for the structure management of your day to day tasks. For more information on Apollo, see

A systematic approach to managing tasks will help achieve results, whether you are an individual, a small business or an organisation with structured projects.  In all cases, use of a good tool will help deliver those positive results.


Jan Birley

Jan holds a PhD in computing and started out in software development and IT training. She built a strong career as a project and program manager focusing on IT in the Health Service sector. Jan specializes in taking greenfield and immature services/departments to effective business-as-usual operation and is currently responsible for the delivery of clinical assessment forms into a high profile clinical system. Jan has authored 100′s of articles on project-management related topics.


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