• Risk Management

    Risks and Issues in Project Management

    The clear recording, management and reporting of risks and issues, and the corresponding mitigating actions, has a significant and positive impact on the confidence that stakeholders have in the successful delivery of a project. What is a project risk?  A ‘risk’ is an uncertain event or series of events that, […]

  • apollo screen

    Creating a Good Project Plan

    A strong project plan is a key component of any project outcome that is seen as a success.  The project plan needs to cover all areas of the project, so that it can give all who are involved in the project delivery a clear and common view of what needs […]

  • Hot!

    Import Data from Another 5pm Account

    5pm has just announced the introduction of its new feature allowing the import of data from a different 5pm account.  This means users can now simply merge together or, indeed, separate out, two different 5pm accounts simply by importing the data from one account to the other. Expanding on this, […]

  • Hot!

    5pm Speaks Norwegian (and 21 Other Languages)

    The last language to be added to the 5pm interface translation group was Japanese, and to this has now been added Norwegian.  This latest translation has been made possible through the significant contribution made by Knut Magne Jensen from MjøsAnker AS. With this latest addition, the total number of languages […]

  • Hot!

    Project Management with 5PM

    5PM, from Quatre Group LLC, is one of the many project management tools available on the web at the moment, a market that is currently best known for Basecamp, from 37signals.  As a tool, 5PM is a hosted service that is accessed online and allows collaboration between team members and […]

  • Hot!

    Task Management with 5pm

    Task Management with 5pm As a busy project manager, I need a tool that is both intuitive and functional. I’ve been a confirmed user of Microsoft Project for many years and use it to an advanced level so I’m in no doubt about its strengths (strong gantt charting, customisable calendars, […]

  • 5pm Web Demo Account

    5pm Web Project Management Demo Account

    I was doing a little bit of research on 5pm web this evening and stumbled upon their demo account after doing a few quick searches on google. I highly recommend you check out the 5pmweb demo account. What Surprised Me About the 5pm Web Demo Account Right away a few things […]