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    What is Workshifting?

    Workshifting is a term that is being used to describe the practice of supporting distributed & remote working, as the business world makes ever increasing moves in this direction. With the fast moving IT world at our disposal, our day to day business activities can, essentially be carried out anywhere. […]

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    Making Money out of iPhone Apps

    The market for iPhone & iPad apps is huge – it is worldwide and extends to multi-millions of potential users. The problem is, the space filled with apps competing to get noticed by that potentially huge market is now extremely crowded and is becoming more so by the day! So […]

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    Which Project Management Application Would a Small Company Go For?

    Equinox-Apps is a mobile software company based in the UK but with a worldwide market that specializes in the development of equestrian mobile apps. Currently developing for the iOS and Blackberry platforms, with plans to expand into Android, too, this company has quickly mastered its approach to collaborative project management.

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    5pm Introduces Google Apps Gmail Gadget

    The team at 5pm have recently launched a new gadget that allows users to create projects and tasks directly from their emails from within their mail accounts.   The gadget gives users the ability to get access to their 5pm account from their Google universal navigation, where they can login with […]

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    Central Desktop Announce New Mobile Apps

    Central Desktop have, this week, publicized the release their new mobile apps that will make the Central Desktop application available through the mobile user’s browser. The apps are now available to download from both the Apple App Store and the Android Marketplace.  The introduction of these apps, will allow Central […]