• Basecamp Notification

    Basecamp Adds Auto-Save

    Thank you! Thank you 37Signals for finally adding one of the bane’s of my personal existence over the last couple of years – auto save. Many of you probably logged into your basecamp account Wednesday to find that Basecamp and the entire productivity suite by 37 Signals has finally added […]

  • Basecamp Next

    What is Basecamp Next?

    Stay Up-To-Date With the Latest Information on Basecamp Next Subscribe to our email feed, and we’ll let you know as soon as Basecamp Next is ready, or as soon as we have more information (including any basecamp next invites!). Basecamp Next? Just a little over a week ago the basecamp/37signals […]

  • Copper screen

    Copper Project Import from Basecamp

    In a recent addition to its functionality, Copper Project has introduced a facility to allow transferring customers to import their data from its competitor application, Basecamp.  The new feature, accessed through the ‘Import/Export’ tab in the Admin section will upload a complete xml file, exported from Basecamp.  The import functionality […]

  • Business Technology

    Technology in Business – 7 Questions to Ask

    A preface to Technology in Business 7 Questions to Ask: I had an old boss who was absolutely addicted to technology. You could call him a technophile. One of those guys that absolutely had to have the latest technology: bugs be damned, compatibility be damned, and time to setup and […]

  • wrike sorry outage

    Wrike Suffers Major Outage

    Wrike, the online project management software-as-a-service application, has recently suffered a major outage of their cloud-based project management application, with intermittent network connection problems affecting a wide range of their user base.  Wrike stressed to its customers that it strives to ensure that their system is up for 99.99% of […]

  • Highrise and LinkedIn

    Highrise Links to LinkedIn

    October saw the introduction of LinkedIn profiles within Highrise, the 37signals application that lets its users manage its contacts and customer relationships.  This new functionality now allows users to add URLs for LinkedIn to their contacts so they can see the corresponding profiles directly within Highrise.  This new feature has […]

  • Hot!

    FengOffice – Overview

    In what is becoming a crowded market place, new arrivals hoping to steal a share of the online, collaborative project management software-as-a-service user base need to have something impressive to offer to entice users away from the established applications like Basecamp and Central Desktop.  One recent addition in this space […]

  • connectivity

    37signals – Improvements to Internet Connectivity

    There’s much work that goes on behind the scenes to deliver and improve on the services offered by the leading project management software providers. Operating a global software-as-a-service, cloud-based  application supporting thousands of users is, as you might expect, likely to be a challenging task, when that service needs to […]

  • Bascamp tell a friend

    Tell your friends about Basecamp and win!

    Basecamp from 37signals, one of the market leaders in the cloud-based, software as a service, project management and collaboration tools space has recently launched a contest encouraging users to ‘tell a friend about Basecamp’ and is offering some impressive prizes, along with the bonus that the signed-up friend will save $10.

  • 37signals-logo

    37signals – New Team Member Takes Up Post

    The 37Signals team has seen a new addition last week, in the shape of Eron Nicholson from North Carolina, who has joined the operations team as Systems Administrator.