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    What is Kona?

    Kona is one of the relatively new names on the block of online, on-demand collaboration applications.  So what is Kona?  In fact, it’s an app that manages to-do lists, allowing groups and teams of people of people to manage and work together in a workspace-based environment.  Available in web-based, iOS […]

  • apollo1

    What’s Inside Apollo?

    Apollo is a cloud-based project management application that is subscription-based and is one of many in this market space at the moment.  So what has Apollo got to offer project managers and their teams? The interface is polished and easy to use and it’s Ajax code base means response times […]

  • apollohq

    Tools for Team Collaborative Working

    In today’s society of sophisticated computer, networking & cloud technologies, the location of individual team members is becoming less relevant with real-time connectivity ensuring that co-workers have the opportunity to be in touch when and how they need to. So, managing a team that is spread disparately requires the appropriate […]

  • worketc2

    WORKetc is Launched with a Complete Redesign!

    WORKetc has had a complete make over and is now keen to tell the world. In a promotional email out to customers from CEO, Daniel Barnett, the company states that ‘not a single pixel’ has survived the new design change! Formerly known as WORKetc, the branding on the name has […]

  • egnyte

    File Servers – Egnyte

    Egnyte Cloud File Server is an online service that offers the facility to upload and store documents and files allowing organizations to securely store, share and back up their critical business files and it offers the ability to work with documents in a variety of different ways giving a serious […]

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    Which Project Management Application Would a Small Company Go For?

    Equinox-Apps is a mobile software company based in the UK but with a worldwide market that specializes in the development of equestrian mobile apps. Currently developing for the iOS and Blackberry platforms, with plans to expand into Android, too, this company has quickly mastered its approach to collaborative project management.

  • Apollo recent additions contact

    Recent Additions to the Apollo Functionality

    Apollo is one of the newer collaborative project management applications available over the cloud.  Apollo has recently announced some additions to its suite of functionality: Attaching a contact to a project:  a much-requested addition is the ability to attach a single contact from the address book to a project to […]

  • apollo-writeboards-menu

    Apollo Now Supports Writeboards

    A writeboard is, essentially, a web-based text document that is shareable across different users.  One of the earlier writeboard features was introduced by 37signals in its flagship product, Basecamp.  Many other collaborative project management applications have since followed suit in providing this type of feature for their users and Apollo […]

  • feng new office

    Feng Office 2 is Here!

    Feng Office 2.0 is coming after a year in the making!  It is in beta at the moment but is now being offered to new clients and comes with a whole range of new features to support businesses. 

  • deskaway image

    DeskAway Introduces New Image Preview

    DeskAway has recently announced the introduction of its new Image Preview feature.   This is a development that has been on their roadmap for a while but has recently received the attention needed to push it out to DeskAway clients.