• Feng collab detail doc view

    Collaboration in FengOffice

    Collaboration is one of the key facets to a successful project and the current breed of cloud-based project and business management applications, that are available at any time, from any location over the internet offer an ideal way to bring team members, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders together to ensure […]

  • Feng - quick features

    FengOffice – Features at a Glance

    FengOffice positions itself as a complete business solution aimed at improving an organization’s performance in terms of productivity, collaboration and team & project management.  Originally established as an open source application, OpenGoo, and, as such, it has actually been developed into its current from by a vast number of independent […]

  • Hot!

    FengOffice – Overview

    In what is becoming a crowded market place, new arrivals hoping to steal a share of the online, collaborative project management software-as-a-service user base need to have something impressive to offer to entice users away from the established applications like Basecamp and Central Desktop.  One recent addition in this space […]

  • Goplan logo

    New Features Now Available in Goplan

     Goplan is a cloud based project management application that is available to users on-demand, offering project tracking and team collaboration through a secure environment.  Its user-friendly interface is intuitive and all items within the Goplan project environment can be commented on, searched for and tagged.

  • Huddle Government

    Huddle Announces Government Event on Cloud Computing

    Huddle, a tool for managing projects and collaboration both within and external to an organization, is launching a government cloud event which will take place on 12th October, 2011 and will run in partnership with FutureGov.  This is the first of this type of event that Huddle has delivered and […]

  • Bascamp tell a friend

    Tell your friends about Basecamp and win!

    Basecamp from 37signals, one of the market leaders in the cloud-based, software as a service, project management and collaboration tools space has recently launched a contest encouraging users to ‘tell a friend about Basecamp’ and is offering some impressive prizes, along with the bonus that the signed-up friend will save $10.

  • Ganttic

    Ganttic – Online Gantt Charts

    The Gantt chart (named after its original creator), is one of the fundamental tools of the project manager and allows a graphical timeline view of project tasks and milestones.  The Gantt chart has been used for longer than the desktop computer has been around and is simple to draw up […]

  • CD Webinar

    Central Desktop to Run Webinar on 27th September, 2011

    Central Desktop will run a webinar session centered around collaboration insights to look at getting your team to pull project information rather than the center pushing it out.  The webinar is scheduled to take place on 27th September, 2011 at 10am Pacific Time. The planned webinar session will Dan Keldsen, […]

  • CD mobile

    Central Desktop Announce New Mobile Apps

    Central Desktop have, this week, publicized the release their new mobile apps that will make the Central Desktop application available through the mobile user’s browser. The apps are now available to download from both the Apple App Store and the Android Marketplace.  The introduction of these apps, will allow Central […]

  • teamlab shot

    TeamLab has its first birthday

    TeamLab, the recent addition to the collaborative online working arena, has just celebrated its first birthday with a new release of its application.  In summing up their progress over the first year, the team at TeamLab report over 115,000 users, spread worldwide, managing more than 76,000 projects.  The product’s growth […]