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    Making Money out of iPhone Apps

    The market for iPhone & iPad apps is huge – it is worldwide and extends to multi-millions of potential users. The problem is, the space filled with apps competing to get noticed by that potentially huge market is now extremely crowded and is becoming more so by the day! So […]

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    UK-Based Equinox-Apps to Sponsor Eventing Prizes

    Equinox-Apps, producers of equestrian related iPhone and iPad apps, is to sponsor British Eventing prizes for the Junior and Pony National Championships that will take place at the end of the 2013 season.

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    Equinox-Apps turns to Apollo

    Equinox-Apps has just release the latest in its suite of equestrian based iPhone app, My Pole Strides.  Its flag-ship app, British Eventing Dressage Tests has been selling well now for over 18 months as has its Horse Stretching Exercises app.  Homing in on this niche market, UK-based Equinox-Apps is rapidly […]

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    Which Project Management Application Would a Small Company Go For?

    Equinox-Apps is a mobile software company based in the UK but with a worldwide market that specializes in the development of equestrian mobile apps. Currently developing for the iOS and Blackberry platforms, with plans to expand into Android, too, this company has quickly mastered its approach to collaborative project management.