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    Project Collaboration hits the Movies!

    Tech Hunt, a Genesis Flux productions film produced by Divided Productions movie, is due for release this year.  Directed by Chris Cronin and featuring the impressive stunt horse team, Atkinson Action Horses, this low budget film is aiming for release later this year. Production on the movie began in March […]

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    What is Kona?

    Kona is one of the relatively new names on the block of online, on-demand collaboration applications.  So what is Kona?  In fact, it’s an app that manages to-do lists, allowing groups and teams of people of people to manage and work together in a workspace-based environment.  Available in web-based, iOS […]

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    Kona – A new Individual-Focussed Integrated Work-Personal Life Management Application

    Kona from Deltek is a new product recently introduced to the market that aims to help people plan, balance manage their work-life activities. Focussed on the principle of successful delivery of projects, Kona aims to bring functionality to its user base that helps them to not only organize and manage […]