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    WORKetc What’s in the Next Major Release?

    The next major release for WORKetc, the popular collaborative project management tool, will cover a number of areas: Improvements to the existing custom fields feature Facility to save views Updated Sales and CRM to include tables that can be customized Account roles and permissions to give greater control over who can […]

  • Teamlab translation

    More Progress for the TeamLab Online Translation System

    TeamLab has recently announced its Online Translation System that has been developed to allow contributors from the TeamLab community to help with the translation of the TeamLab application into a number of different languages.  TeamLab is a system, accessed over the cloud that helps organizations to manage their projects and […]

  • Deskaway time reports

    DeskAway Introduces New Improved User Time Reports

    Being able to manage and monitor time as an integral part of managing a project is an essential activity for any project manager.  DeskAway’s time tracking feature helps project managers do just that and is, in fact, one of the most used parts of the application. DeskAway also allows its […]

  • teamlab languages

    TeamLab Driving Forward with its Multi-lingual Approach

    In today’s distributed working environments, where team members can be spread not only across wide geographic locations, but also time zones and languages, online, collaboration tools need to provide support that will cross these barriers and open up the management of projects and business activities to all involved in a […]

  • teamlab reg trademark

    TeamLab now has US Trademark Status

    TeamLab has announced that their name now holds the status of a registered trademark in the United States.  In order to achieve this status, TeamLab had to pass stringent criteria and show itself as a unique and individual service which, of course it, did – to now be known as […]

  • Teamlab Calendar-view

    TeamLab Introduces New Calendar Feature

     Ascensio Systems has just announced the introduction of their new in-built calendar to their popular online, cloud-accessed project and business management software, TeamLab.  The inclusion of a calendar has been a significant omission to TeamLab until now and one that users have been actively requesting.

  • feng calendar event

    Using the Calendar in FengOffice

    The calendar in FengOffice, an online business and project management application, gives the user a graphical view of the current schedule and includes dates and times for events and milestones.  The calendar can be displayed in different formats: day, week, month and year and the view is set simply using […]

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    FengOffice – Overview

    In what is becoming a crowded market place, new arrivals hoping to steal a share of the online, collaborative project management software-as-a-service user base need to have something impressive to offer to entice users away from the established applications like Basecamp and Central Desktop.  One recent addition in this space […]

  • Ganttic

    Ganttic – Online Gantt Charts

    The Gantt chart (named after its original creator), is one of the fundamental tools of the project manager and allows a graphical timeline view of project tasks and milestones.  The Gantt chart has been used for longer than the desktop computer has been around and is simple to draw up […]

  • teamlab shot

    TeamLab has its first birthday

    TeamLab, the recent addition to the collaborative online working arena, has just celebrated its first birthday with a new release of its application.  In summing up their progress over the first year, the team at TeamLab report over 115,000 users, spread worldwide, managing more than 76,000 projects.  The product’s growth […]