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    Review: ProofHub – The Better Way to Manage Projects

    This is a guest post by Sharon Thomson, a project manager for ProofHub. Here, she provides her view on what it takes to run a project efficiently and why ProofHub is the solution. ProofHub, a new player in the project management industry, is an online collaboration tool that has helped […]

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    Basecamp Review – Updated for 2013

    At Zincubate, Basecamp is one of our more popular topics (it is one of the biggest players in the project management market, after all). Back in 2011, I completed an extensive review of Basecamp. Since then, Basecamp has made some pretty major changes in the look, feel, and overall use […]

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    Is What You Have Enough – Scaling Your Project Management Tools

    The last three years have been really good for small business owners. The rapid growth of SaaS companies like 37Signals, Freshbooks, Zoho and others means it is easier and more affordable than ever to add much needed tools to your business without spending thousands of dollars for a custom in-house […]

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    Bitrix24: Project Management with a Social Media Twist

    Web-based project management tools provide invaluable resources for the modern business. With the traditional “9-5” workplace evolving every day, project management tools have become a necessity to properly track progress, process, and workflow. More and more employees are working remotely and it is often rare that people are in the […]

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    Egnyte: The Basics and Benefits

    It’s simple. Small and large businesses alike possess and utilize information and data. For some, this information is stored in a room with endless file cabinets. Thanks to awesome advancements in technology, others are taking full advantage of storing their information and working electronically. This not only helps in the […]

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    Wrike Introduces New Local Backup Feature

    Wrike has recently announced the introduction of its new backup facility that lets its users save a local copy of their work.  Recognizing that its online project management application is an integral part of their clients day to day business, storing important and essential information, that if they were without […]

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    Risks and Issues in Project Management

    The clear recording, management and reporting of risks and issues, and the corresponding mitigating actions, has a significant and positive impact on the confidence that stakeholders have in the successful delivery of a project. What is a project risk?  A ‘risk’ is an uncertain event or series of events that, […]

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    Project Team Leadership

    In the 1970’s, Meredith Belbin did a study, through a business game, into teams and concentrated on the areas that separated those teams that were successful from those that weren’t. The study showed a number of interesting findings and these are as relevant in today’s fast-moving project environments as they […]

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    Managing Complex IT Projects

    With the world and his wife using IT, IT projects are prolific amongst the business world.  Larger IT projects, that involve the development of and implementation of new or complex systems have been blighted with persistent delays and failures. So, as a project manager what can you do to stack […]

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    Creating a Good Project Plan

    A strong project plan is a key component of any project outcome that is seen as a success.  The project plan needs to cover all areas of the project, so that it can give all who are involved in the project delivery a clear and common view of what needs […]