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If you’ve been keeping up-to-date with the Zincubate blog and articles, you’ll know that we love Team Treehouse. We think it’s a great resource for those considering an education in the web that don’t necessarily possess a formal degree (I’m one of those people). What we like most about Team Treehouse is the ability to learn all of these things and to actually come away with something useful. Team Treehouse is the most cost-effective, convenient, fun and interactive tool to use when it comes to learning the world of web (and now, business).

Here at Zincubate, we like to keep it real with our readers and offer up some honest opinions. We can push and promote Team Treehouse all we want, but this article is going to revolve around my actual learning. I’m going to take the time today to go through a tutorial on Photoshop (a skill that I’ve been meaning to work on for a long time) and give you a candid overview of how it works.

Photoshop Foundations

We all know that Photoshop skills are great to have – they’re good for a resumé, for your business, or simply just for fun. I recently had a lesson with a coworker, and it’s definitely not something you can learn in one sitting, one time. With Team Treehouse, you will be provided with a great foundation to build upon (and remember: practice makes perfect!).

Photoshop Foundations are broken up into 4 parts: Workspace Basics, Layer Basics, Masks Basics, and Type Tools.  I’ve already gone through the Workspace Basics, and today I’ll be learning all about Photoshop Layers.

Photoshop Foundations: Layer Basics

Team TreehouseI absolutely LOVE how Team Treehouse sets up their lessons. Rather than having 20-30 minute videos on these topics, Team Treehouse splits it up into videos that are between 3-6 minutes long and they are easy to comprehend and follow. As stated previously, Photoshop Foundations is broken up into 4 parts. Underneath Layer Basics, there are 3 videos and a quiz: Introduction to Layers, The Layer Panel & Blending Modes, and Layer Styles.

My first impression of my first video, Introduction to Layers, was that it was very easy to follow. I’ve had friends show me Photoshop before, but with Team Treehouse, I can learn and practice at my own pace. Also, this video is not someone rambling on and on about what this tool does, what this shortcut is, etc. Your teacher (for this video, Allison Grayce) covers the basics and also allows you to practice. My absolute favorite feature was the option to download a zip file of the same exact image she was working with so I could get my own feel for it and see exactly how it works.

The following videos, The Layer Panel & Blending Modes and Layer Styles, were just as easy to follow.  As you can probably guess, the more you get into different topics, the more complicated they get. With Team Treehouse, however, it doesn’t feel that way. Your teacher guides you through every step and explains every detail. Keep in mind that when you finish a lesson, you will not be able to design a first-class masterpiece – it will take time and practice.

My Treehouse VerdictTeam Treehouse Logo

After going through this lesson on Photoshop Foundations, I definitely feel like I have a more thorough understanding. I’ve seen other online Photoshop lessons, and none were as good or as easy to follow as this one. It all starts with the basics, which is another reason I love the Team Treehouse setup. To learn and practice skills for anything, you must first learn the basics and go from there. I took my Layer Basics Quiz, and missed it by one question! Looks like I need to pay some more attention to my teacher – and of course, practice some more!

Stay tuned to Zincubate for another lesson review on Team Treehouse! As always, if you have any questions/comments, leave them in the comment box below!


Kristen Bachmeier

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