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Team Effect aims to be different from the large number of collaborative project management tools on the market at the moment, like Basecamp and other similar teameffect logoproducts.  Although it offers many of the same functions, it aims to be more ‘fun’ for its users (not a description I would be looking for to satisfy though when looking for project management software!).  What it does offer, that helps set it apart from the competition is the interactive calendar that adopts a gantt style view and its pleasing user interface design.

Once you’ve logged in, you’ll see a dashboard that gives you an instant view of the status of teameffect homepagethe key aspects of your project. Drag and drop functionality allows you to change scheduled activities visually on screen in the gantt view.

Team Effects quickly picked up the fact that many hosted project management applications can fail to deliver because they need people to enter information that show no visible return for their effort (for example, completing weekly time-sheets). Instead, Team Effects delivers project information in a visual style that encourages team participation, allowing individual team members to plan their tasks using simple functionality.  Using drag and drop functionality, the effort needed to keep a project up to date is kept to a minimum and helps keep team members motivated to keep their information up to date.

Team Effects functionality:

  • Task management – Responsibilities can be allocated in different ways, for example, a team member can be scheduled to deliver a task or entire tasks or projects can be delegated, allowing others to schedule people onto them.
  • Visual scheduling – scheduling is done, primarily, in the gantt style view rather than in more traditional task lists.
  • Tracking – milestones and tasks can be tracked. Percentages complete are shown.
  • Document management – documents and files can be uploaded and stored in the central project area.
  • Estimates – can be created and managed for the project to help keep a handle on budgetary information.
  • Export – some project information can be exported to Excel format.

Team Effects Pricing:

Pricing for Team Effects is set across four plans.  The lowest is $15 per month and offers five logins (the Team Effects people say they don’t like to call their clients ‘users’!).  The next plan is $30 per month for 10 logins. $60 per month buys you 20 logins, while $120 buys you 40 logins.  All plans include all features, with unlimited storage space for the upload and maintenance of project files and unlimited active projects.  For all but the cheapest payment plan, Team Effects operates on a fair use policy, which means that the monthly fee is only payable for the number of ‘users’ that log in to the application.  All plans begin with a free trial for a period of 28 days. This means your first month is, essentially, free and the trial gives you full functionality and files storage space. Team Effects also offers significant discounts for not for profit and some educational organizations.


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