Hot! TeamLab Introduces Personal Tags for Email Messages

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TeamLab, a fremium project and business management application that is available over the internet as a ‘software as a service’ teamlab tags(SaaS) application, is rapidly gaining popularity in this competitive market by offering the majority of its comprehensive functionality free of charge to its customers.

To help keep the pace in its increasing take up  amongst the project management community like others of its kind, TeamLab is continually introducing new and improved features to benefit its user base.  One such recent addition is the introduction of personal tags. When writing emails out to more than one recipient, previously the options to personalize the message were limited to either addressing the email generically, for example, Dear Colleague or Dear All, or, indeed, creating a separate message for each recipient to allow specific names to be added, which of course would not be viable for even a small distribution list of recipients.

Recognizing this limitation, TeamLab has introduced personal tags to allow users to insert variable information into an emailteamlab message, that is populated with the actual information when the email is sent. To insert a personal tag, simply position the insertion point in the email message where you want the variable information, for example, recipient’s first name, to be displayed, then choose the field you want to use from the displayed drop-down list.  The email, then, will look something like:

Dear $(Person. First Name)

When the email is sent, the relevant information from the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) database within TeamLab will be inserted into each copy of the email. In our case, the first name of each person on the distribution list will be inserted.

About TeamLab

TeamLab, as an application is principally used as a software as a service (SaaS) application, although the source can be downloaded, installed and expanded locally.  It offers:

  • Projects functionality: with management of tasks, milestones and resources to keep your project on track
  • Documents functionality: where project related documents and files can be uploaded and shared from a central source with the project team and other stakeholders
  • Community features: offering tools to encourage active collaboration, including lists of employees, facility for blogs, forums, news and events, instant messaging and wiki, amongst others
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM): to help you keep track of your clients, their details and your sales

For more information on how to work with TeamLab and to sign up for SaaS account, please see:




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