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The folks over at TeamLab have reached out to Zincubate for a product and features review and graciously supplied us with content and screen shots, so here is our review!

TeamLab, developed by Ascensio System Limited, is one of the newer competitors in the collaborative, cloud-based project management applications, having just celebrated it’s first birthday.  Operating as a “freemium” service, the majority of its functionality is available free, with no monthly subscription to pay.  Payment only becomes applicable when a customer wants the more advanced functionality or needs more storage space, beyond the generous free amount available.  What’s more, the company promises that they are committed to maintaining the free-ness of their product in the future.

TeamLab is fully customizable allowing users to change colors and move dashboard widgets, amongst many others.

So what’s included in TeamLab? The features fall into 4 main areas:


Allows users to put together project teams, enter and edit tasks and allocate tasks to individuals.  The projects functionality also supports scheduling of milestones, the ability to track tasks and milestones, along with project reporting, across a range of different report types: Problem Tracking Reports, Statistics Reports or Detailed Reports.

TeamLab Projects


The community feature is all about bringing teams together and maintaining corporate collaboration through blogs and user forums, where individuals can share different information such as Wiki pages and bookmarks. With the wide range of features offered within the community area, it’s possible to roll out an entire company social network. From setting up a poll, sharing interesting articles, and notifying staff about an important event, the TeamLab Community feature can help. Using the TeamLab Wiki, its easy to organize a corporate knowledge base and, like any social network, a ‘what’s new’ feed shows the recent activity.

TeamLab Community


A central repository for files and documents is one of the essential features in a collaborative project management application, and TeamLab offers a real advantage over some competitors in this area.  Not only can you share files between team members, but they are editable, through either Open Office or their online editor and version control is included automatically.

TeamLab Documents


The instant messaging facility in TeamLab lets team members chat in real time. The instant messaging client can operate directly within the TeamLab portal or can be integrated in a personal Jabber/XMPP.

TeamLab Talk

Creating a new portal (an account, essentially) is quick and simple.  Type in your name, email address and a portal name, then respond to the registration email and you’re off and running.  The interface is pleasing to look at – it’s light and uncluttered with a professional appearance.  Access to the key features are available from this first screen.   A ‘getting started’ section offers the facility to import your Outlook contacts and an ‘import from Basecamp’ option is available to those migrating to TeamLab.

Having tested TeamLab out, it comes across as an excellent product that stands to give its competitors a serious run for their money!


Greg Katkin

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