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The next main release of TeamLab promises to deliver some exciting new enhancements to this popular fermium project management teamlab mobile1application.  Available over the internet, the client base for this application is growing and much of this success comes from listening to their feedback and functionality requests.

Top of the list for the new release is a mobile version of the application. Initially, this will be available for iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android and is expected to be release in May 2012.  The functionality will, in this first release, be limited to the Community module of TeamLab, allowing viewing and searching of employees, & working with blogs, forums, events and bookmarks, but a later release will introduce the project management functionality.

Working on the move is becoming increasingly important in the fast-moving project world and although it is possible to access internet-based applications like TeamLab through a smartphone browser, they are not always the easiest to use in this format.  Having a dedicated mobile app that is native to the smartphone is a huge attraction to users.

The project management functionality in the second release of the TeamLab app will allow its users to manage tasks, for example, editing existing tasks or creating new ones, work with discussions, see their team information, send emails and ensure they have the most current view of their teamlab 2011 2012 mainprojects.


More on TeamLab

TeamLab, originally developed by Ascensio Systems Limited, is a collaborative fremium application that aims to help organizations to manage their projects and teams by providing the features needed to manage effective projects and combining these with aspects of social networking. With no charge being made for the bulk of its functionality, the application is an attractive option to those with limited budget for IT spend.  Only the most advanced functionality on offer by TeamLab comes at a cost.  Its comprehensive freely available functions cover project management, including tasks that can be assigned to team members, milestones for progress tracking, project reporting and time tracking, along with customer relationship management (CRM).

Still in its early days as a product competing in the commercial world, the TeamLab guys are always looking for feedback from their clients and contributors and this can be given in a number of ways: on Facebook page, twitter account or via e-mail at

For more information on TeamLab and to sign up, please visit:


Harry Casimir

Harry is co-founder of Atilus and President and CEO of Dixivox, an international VAS (Value Added Service) telecommunication company. Harry is a programmer by trade and enjoys watching NBA basketball games and spending time with his family. In his spare time… who are we kidding here… with two young kids at home, he has none!


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