Hot! Gallery Throwback and Have Some Fun!

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The launch of Zincubate is finally here, and what better way to mark it’s arrival than with some really cool artwork we’ve commissioned from Andres Romero, aka Blo0p!

See if you can figure out which 80’s or 90’s star was the muse…


Leave your thoughts in the comments – let the games begin! (And Don’t Forget to Check Back Soon For the Web Gurus Series!)


Matt Visaggio

Matt is a go-getter and night-owl. Married with a little girl, he enjoys spending time with his family and sleeping in (or at least remembering what it was like….) Matt formerly worked in the public sector and earned his Master's degree in Public Administration. He is an avid reader and spends his time pouring over technology trends and marketing solutions for small business. He is a geek at heart and lives to learn and teach.


  1. These are awesome drawing. How do I get one?

  2. Matt Visaggio

    Hi There,

    We haven’t determined whether or not we will be releasing these or selling them. If there is enough interest, we may decide to do that.

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