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As of Monday 11th March this year TeamLab has been upgraded to the new version 7 and all support for the Teamlab earlier version, 6.5 will be stopped six months following the release of the stable version 7, subject to the 6.5 terms and conditions. The upgrade to version 7 is offered on a trial period for 45 days for users to make the decision on whether to stick with it or not.

The new version of TeamLab and TeamLab Office Edition has seen a complete revamp of the user interface with the aim of offering its users a ‘universal cloud office’. The new interface sees all TeamLab modules now having a standard look and Teamlab1feel, where all buttons and menu items have a common theme and nesting of navigation levels is reduced. The result? Quicker working for its user base.

Other significant changes see the online editor being updated with extra useful tools, such as, collaborative editing and this comes along with greater performance speed.

Teamlab constantly takes feedback from its users on the new features and improvements they would like to see in the application and, as a result, this new version comes with a number of these, including, the new TeamLab Email Aggregator and better tracking for time.

Pricing for the cloud-based version 7 of TeamLab Office Edition differs dependent on the number of application users, as follows:

  • 1-10 is $12 per month
  • 11-15 is $25 per month
  • 16-25 is $50 per month
  • 26-35 is $75 per month
  • 36-50 is $125 per month
  • 51-100 is $250 per month
  • 101-500 is $500 per month

The choices available to existing TeamLab customers are:

a)      Carry on with the new version 7.  One the 45 day trial is up, users can then choose which plan, in terms of cost, will work best for them.  As an incentive the TeamLab team are offering a discount voucher for their existing upgrading customers, through!

b)      If they don’t want to make the move to the new version 7, users can opt to install the earlier open source 6.5 version locally on their own server. This option though, comes without online editors and there will be no ongoing technical support.

For more information on TeamLab, its features and to sign up for a free trial account, please visit:



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