Hot! WordPress Tutorial #4: Adding Media & Links

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Now that you’ve created your Posts and Pages, you will be ready to add some media and links! Media and links to other pages are a great way to spice things up and keep readers interested. Need more information? Check out our main WordPress Tutorial post where you can find this information and much more.

Adding Media

Adding media (images, video clips, etc.) to your blog post and page is a great way to spice things up and help you to get your point across. To add media to your post, locate the Upload/Insert button on the top of your content box in your blog (it will have a camera and music notes next to it). You will then see this screen:

WordPressYou are able to add media from multiple sources: your computer, a URL, your Gallery (which is built from the media you’ve added recently), and your Media Library (all the media you’ve added in your WordPress account). I always find that I upload directly from my computer and my Media Library the most often.




You can also edit your image. Here are a few editing options you will be presented with:

  • Title
  • Alternate Text
  • Caption
  • Placement (text-wrapped on the left/right/center)
  • Links
  • Image Size

There is no right way to format – it all depends on personal preference and what you think will look best.

If you want to edit your image after placing it in the post/page, no worries. You can simply click on the image and then click on the picture within the image or the red circle if you want to delete it.

Adding Links

If you’re looking to link to other pages, WordPress gives you the option to add a link to text. To add a link to a group of text, first highlight the text you want to link out to a website. Locate the hyperlink button on the top of your menu bar. It looks like this:




Click on the chains that look as though they’re linked together. You will then be taken to the screen shown on your right. Type in the URL you want to link to, and voila! That section of text should then link to your chosen URL. Make sure to check by previewing. Also, you will want to check the box below that says Open link in a new window/tab. You don’t want your link leading visitors away from your site.



Kristen Bachmeier

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