Hot! WordPress Tutorial #3: Adding Pages

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For this particular WordPress Tutorial, we’ll be covering adding pages to your website. It’s extremely simple and very similar to adding a post. For some more in-depth information, check out our main WordPress Tutorial post.

We will be using the Pages section of WordPress to add/edit your website’s pages. You will find that it’s not as difficult as you might think! When you click on Pages, you will be taken to this screen:



Adding a New Page

To add a new page, start by clicking Add New on top of the menu. You will then see this screen:


You will want to add your title in the first box. Note that this title will also serve as a link to this page. For example, if I were creating a page for and I titled this page ‘Fluffy’, it will be assigned this link: Keep that in mind when choosing your title.

Next, you will be adding content. Type in the content you want your page to show including pictures, links, etc. Refer to our main WordPress Tutorial Post for more information or check back to Zincubate for another tutorial for this.

You will find a lot of overlap when it comes to adding/editing blog posts and website pages. That’s part of the beauty of WordPress – it really is that simple.

Adding a Page Under a Parent

This is one feature that differentiates Pages from Posts. With a website page, you are given the option to add a page under a ‘Parent’ page. If a page has NO parent, it will be featured in the main menu. Let’s use as an example. I have my ‘Fluffy’ page (which will be my parent page), but I want another page underneath it called ‘About Fluffy.’ To add a page under a parent, locate the Page Attributes Menu on the right hand side.



If you leave your page marked ‘No Parent’, it becomes a parent page. To add a parent page, locate the page name in the dropdown menu.

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Kristen Bachmeier

Kristen is a graduate of Florida Gulf Coast University and holds a BS in Marketing with a minor in Advertising. Kristen started as an intern for Atilus and spent two months getting caught up in all things tech. When not immersing herself in blogging and social media marketing, she likes to spend her time drinking coffee, kayaking, shopping, and going to theme parks (preferably Disney).


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