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Hot! Are 37signals Customers Happy?

37signals maintain what they call their ‘Frown ratio’ which is designed to be a measure of how happy their customers are.  The score represents 37signals clientsthe views fed back from customers who have contacted the 37signals service desk.

37signals began this score-keeping in 2010 and initial findings suggested an 84% satisfaction rate.  Extended on into 2011, 37signals is pleased to show that this satisfaction rate has increased to 90%, with the ‘frown ratio’ reducing to a mere 3%, a figure they are proud to present as over a 50% reduction on the previous year.

37signals puts its increased success rate for customer satisfaction down to increasing the team size, giving them more capacity for dealing with customer emails on an individual basis.  Team members were originally dealing with in the region of 80 emails per day and the revised team structure has reduced this to around 40 per day.

Additional improvements in customer reactions has also come from looking at the data and working out what  is was exactly that made individual customers unhappy.  This gave 37signals the direction to go in to make specific improvements.

37signals now aims to follow up every ‘frown’ response they get and work to turn it around to a happier response by tackling the original problem.

Good customer service can be the difference between keeping customers and losing them, in a market where products have competing functionality, all of which can do the job in question.  Even where a customer has had a negative experience, a strong customer service approach that looks to address concerns and problems, tackling them head on, rather than sweeping them under the carpet and hoping they’ll go away can turn that negative experience into a positive one. Customers typically respond to being listened to and having their opinions acted on!

So, on the face of it, 37signals customers are, indeed, happy!  It is worth noting, though that the figures represent responses received from customers who contacted the customer support facility and who took the time to feed back – it neither represents everyone who contact 37signals remotecustomer support, nor the entire estate of 37signals customers. 

About 37signals

37signals, based in Chicago, is a market leader in the delivery on online, collaborative software applications to support businesses in managing their projects, day to day operations and communications.  With a core of 4 key products: Basecamp (project management), Highrise (contact management), Campfire (live chat rooms) and Backpack (internal communications management),  the 37signals products come together to provide an integrated solution for businesses, particularly those who work in a distributed way.

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