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Hot! Basecamp Blackberry

Blackberry’s are extremely popular. I remember sitting in a restaurant in Miami a few years ago, watching my uncle’s blackberry flash and ring and beep. For a little while it went unanswered, but after a few minutes of family talk, he reached for it on his belt, typed away with his fast moving thumbs, and submitted a message. A call then came in. He answered it, said a few sentences, and hung up.

Blackberry’s are everywhere. My brother has one, and is constantly checking email and receiving and sending texts. And there is some danger of too much communication (at least for me). I got rid of a smart phone about 1.5 years ago now, as it was consuming my life. I was answering emails at all times of the night and waking sleeping people!

For the rest of you, those that own Blackberry’s, and those of you like me, who also use and love Basecamp, what are you to do? Well, you’re in luck because there happens to be an application for blackberry that allows you to easily access and update all of your basecamp information. It’s called: Phonified. According to their website:

Phoniƒied Tracker is an application that allows you to access your Basecamp™ account from your mobile phone. You can download a copy of your To-do list to your phone and update information without having to use a computer. You can also check milestones and configure an alarm on your phone when a milestone is upcoming. Phoniƒied Tracker lets you read and edit messages and comments. For Premium and Max account holders, you can track time conveniently from your phone as you start and complete tasks, rather than having to remember and update information later.

I haven’t personally used it, but it looks promising and I definitely would try it out if I had a blackberry. If any of you have used it I would love to hear your thoughts.  

Finally, in researching this article briefly I noticed something. With all of the competitors out there Basecamp has the biggest following of support apps (apps that extend the functionality or allow you to access your information in new or exciting ways). This concentration and assistance on the greater community is surely a reason why they have grown so quickly.


Zach Katkin

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